Oil spill sorbent




  • Machines are burning fuels, they have leakages and cause small or big disasters. To collect fuel waste modern industry mainly uses chemicals. They make fuel waste heavier, it sinks to the seabed, but does not solve the problem.


    Meet InnoAerogel! It's a waste paper-based material – highly efficient, biodegradable and reusable. It absorbs only fuel, but not water. It locks it inside and does not allow to make spill again. So, we offer to the world the best way to remove oil spills!


    Production technology consist of few steps. Each of them adds new properties to make product best on the market. We take waste paper, mix it with the water to reach uniform distribution. Afterwards, we freeze dry it to create extremely high porosity and modify surface to absorb only fuel, but not water. Finally, we integrate special microorganisms inside the aerogel to make the biodegradation process even faster.


    InnoAerogel in comparison to other products on the market is:
    • x2 more lighter,
    • x2 more effective,
    • 100% sustainable,
    • and even up to 5 times reusable.
    All this makes InnoAerogel outstanding product on the market.


    Technology is being patented in European Patent Office.

InoBioTech Baltija

InoBioTech Baltija

InoBioTech Baltija - Development of a biotechnological in-situ treatment method for oil spills in the Baltic Sea (Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology; No. 01.2.2-MITA-K-702-11).

During the implementation of the project, InoBioTech technology is planned to be developed up to the level of 8TRL and to demonstrate its operation in the regional market.

UNFAIR ADVANTAGE: Technology is being patented in European Patent Office.

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